Commissioning is more than just testing after the contractors say, “the job is 100% complete”.   The purpose of commissioning is to provide the owner and operator of a facility with a higher level of assurance that the purchased systems have been installed in the prescribed, plus workmanlike, manner and that they will operate within the pre-agreed to performance guidelines.

Commissioning is now energy code required for the HVAC, temperature controls and automatic light portion of all projects within the state of Washington.   The construction industry is rapidly establishing commissioning criteria and Chamberlain Mechanical Corporation has been a leader in this area of consulting.   Chamberlain Mechanical Corporation (CMC) also has hands on field commissioning experience and provides commissioning agent services for a select number of projects every year to maintain a high level of expertise within the commissioning profession.  

For most plan & spec projects CMC recommends the owner contact directly with an independent commissioning agent (not the engineer of record or the mechanical contractor). CMC is qualified to serve in this capacity.  

For many design/build projects CMC believes the mechanical contractor is best equipped to provide commissioning at the lowest cost and in the shortest amount of time.   Therefore, CMC has developed a unique commissioning specification specifically for design/build projects.