Forensic Consulting

Clifford S. Chamberlain, owner of Chamberlain Mechanical Corporation, has provided forensic consulting and expert witness services on both local and national projects.   Mr. Chamberlain has both deposition and courtroom experience (a recap of this experience can be provided upon request).   Chamberlain Mechanical Corporation's (CMC's) forensic mechanical engineering services are based upon Mr. Chamberlain's hands on practical knowledge of both mechanical design and mechanical installation issues regarding plumbing, piping, HVAC and controls.   CMC is qualified to provide forensic consulting on almost every type of building (i.e. low and high-rise office buildings; hospitals, outpatient facilities and medical offices; light industrial and manufacturing facilities; industrial refrigeration; central chiller & boiler plants; schools; churches; large residential projects such as hotels, mixed use buildings, and condominiums; specialty buildings such as high-tech, bio-tech, computer data centers; and large server rooms).  

Some of the forensic engineering cases CMC has worked on in the recent past involve: plumbing piping material issues, proper support of piping systems, the design of large air handling equipment, the application of a large centrifugal water chiller, refrigeration systems for low temperature and controlled atmosphere storage buildings, moisture migration within buildings or through exterior walls, catastrophic equipment failures, job safety, construction management, and design errors or omissions.