Plan & Spec Consulting

Chamberlain Mechanical Corporation has vast experience working within the GCCM procurement process and assisting owners, developers, architects and general contractors by providing mechanical pre-construction services.  

Chamberlain Mechanical Corporation (CMC) does not prepare permit drawings so as not to compete with conventional plan & spec mechanical engineering firms.   Therefore, CMC can provide truly independent third party design and budget reviews or what is sometimes called peer review engineering.  

The plan & spec services available from CMC include: contractor-oriented pre-construction budgeting; assistance in soliciting mechanical design engineering proposals; pre-bid document design reviews; constructability reviews; submittal reviews; bid analysis; change order consulting; value engineering advice; commissioning specification guidance; and the services of an experienced commissioning agent on a select few projects.  

CMC can also facilitate early pre-selection and bidding of long lead-time mechanical equipment that is crucial to the project's success.   Another option is assistance in the early selection of a control subcontractor for assignment to the low-bid mechanical subcontractor.   These examples of early procurement work great on fast track projects or where proprietary equipment and controls are the basis of the design.  

CMC has also provided experience-based recommendations on LEED and Green Building design programs plus can review energy studies, help analyze life-cycle costing decisions, and provide guidance in dealing with utility-based funding programs or ESCO contracts.